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CYB Human Resources was built with the sincere understanding that a successful company is truly created by the individual achievements of each employee. We aim to educate and assist business owners and management in the creation of a positive, successful working environment while guiding you in the daily decisions that are necessary for compliance and success. We look to create the type of atmosphere that all employees crave.

Katie Spadoro, President of CYB Human Resources, has many years of experience specializing in Human Resources. She has a BS in psychology from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, minoring in Criminology with advanced courses in Human Resources management. She is certified by the Society of Human Resources and has received her Professional of Human Resources Certification. She is also an active member of the society.

Throughout her career, she has been involved in all aspects of Human Resources, functioning as a business partner advising on strategic planning, resource planning and development, talent strategy, payroll, commissions and recruitment. She has climbed the ranks, holding positions of Human Resource Assistant, Human Resource Generalist and Human Resource Manager, managing direct reports and the complete HR operations of multiple dual-site operations.  She has experience specializing in many industries including but not limited to Natural Energy, Oil & Gas, Interior Design, Architecture, Security, and others. She is versed in direct consultation with upper management, President, VP, COO and all managers in handling day-to-day operations of teams to create a better workplace for all. She can assist you in managing rate negotiations and agency agreements and handling relationships with external payroll and HR partners.  She has managed the training and development of all employees, while directing the activity and performance of multiple temporary and full-time employees including promotions, demotions and terminations.  She has experience in performing background checks, reference checks and has kept all employee records up to date and compliant. Experienced in investigating various employee relations issues in conjunction with compliance team, corporate attorney and I.T. (I-9 verification, EEOC complaints, etc.)

Katie has managed the full candidate life cycle for every department in multiple site operations, temporary, contracting, part-time/full-time placements. She has created internal growth by focusing on creating accurate job descriptions using solid, baseline, compensation analyses and direct sourcing strategies. She has managed contract negotiations with multiple sources – Linkedin Recruiter, CareerBuilder, DICE, CATS1, Indeed, Monster, Career Fairs, etc. Katie has spearheaded high school summer and college internship programs, managed any performance management issue including RIFs and performance tracking of all personnel.  She has directed multiple corporate events, Annual Holiday parties, Annual Retreats, Health Fairs, company wide wellness programs and health challenges, various philanthropies and 5K run/walks. She has experience in supporting upper management in their year-end processes: promotions, salary increases, profit share, special compensations, and bonuses while consistently responding to general HR inquiries by staff and candidates on payroll, benefits, policies, etc.

In addition to her extensive experience, 

Katie has been recognized for her work in supporting and executing organizational onboarding, talent management and development programs resulting in regional and state-wide recognition and honorable mentions in business journals. Over the years, she has lead teams in creating solid business plans that have resulted in several workplace and cultural ratings and recognitions. Through sound recruitment and retention strategies, she led a team tripling the size of a client’s contact center staff while contemporaneously reducing the turnover rate by 50%.


Human Resources is rarely among the first concerns of new business owners, but as your company grows, failure to adequately invest in human resources can lead to significant personnel issues including low employee retention, and lawsuits.

CYB Human Resources is an HR and management consulting company, which means we’re here to help you structure the back-end of your company to keep you compliant with current regulations and avoid liability.

Our business is built on trust and relationships. We offer one-to-one consultations and support, which enables us to get to know you and your business in order to offer realistic recommendations that will make a significant and lasting impact on your office.

Put simply, at CYB Human Resources, we help you Cover Your Bases.

Contact us for help developing necessary HR policies or to review your existing HR infrastructure.

HR Strategic Planning & Administration

In order to get where you want to go, your HR policies need to be in order. Through strategic planning, we help you develop policies that align with the direction of your business. From your staffing needs, to behavioral policies, to an effective growth plan, our strategic planning services ensure that your business grows in the right direction, and that your HR department grows with it.

Organizational Human Development

The key to any business is the success and proficiency of its employees. We help you develop programs that encourage continued growth and education from individuals throughout your organization. By teaching and training your current employees, you’ll improve retention and create senior staff who live and breathe your company culture out of today’s new hires.

Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

If the right person for a specific position is particularly difficult to find, or you’re concerned with creating the bandwidth to screen, interview and make offers to candidates in addition to your normal duties, allow us to handle acquisition for you. We’ll ensure job descriptions are accurate and professional, candidates are properly screened and interviewed and offers to the right individual are correctly formatted. Don’t go without critical personnel or risk hiring the wrong candidate. Contact us for an easier, more efficient talent acquisition process.

Workforce Planning

As your business grows, it’s important to take a critical eye to your organizational structure to find areas with opportunities for increased efficiency and productivity. Our organization-wide analysis allows you to pinpoint the genesis of issues related to HR, payroll or common issues within each department. We’ll also reveal bottlenecks where processes are being slowed due to over-worked employees and under-staffed divisions, or show you opportunities that are being completely neglected or missed due to a lack of critical positions or skill sets.

Payroll Solutions

We offer customized solutions to help you deal with the bear of payroll. Enlist our services to co-manage payroll, or hand the entire process off to us to allow you to focus on other mission critical duties. We’ll even help you find an affordable vendor to outsource payroll duties to. Whatever your needs regarding payroll, we’re here to help.

Safety and Worker’s Comp

The safety of your employees should be a primary concern and objective. That begins with creating a company-wide culture dedicated to proper safety procedures. We’ll help you develop and implement a safety plan to create this culture that ensures workers receive the necessary OSHA and safety training to perform their duties. We’ll also help you institute a reporting process for safety hazards aimed at the prevention of injuries and liability issues. With proper safety policies in place, work site accidents will be minimized. Even so, we’ll help put regulations and timelines in place to keep you compliant in the event of an accident. Additionally, we’ll apply our expertise to help you keep worker’s comp insurance premiums affordable.

Employee and Labor Relations

In addition to proper compensation, employee retention relies on the culture and relationship you create for each individual you hire. Starting with on-boarding, we’ll assist you in creating a program that helps new hires quickly become acclimated and comfortable. We also teach your management team how to reduce employee turnover through active listening and open communication.

We also teach you how to efficiently and compliantly administer off-boarding procedures including exit interviews that help you improve your current office environment.

Other labor relations services include downsizing analysis, employee surveys and focus groups, handling negotiations with staffing agencies, and ensuring the correct procedures are taken in hiring and firing processes for full time employees, temps and contractors.

Benefits Management

Proper benefits management results in lowering costs for current benefits packages, and improving benefits for employees through analysis, which results in better retention and a happier office. We ensure that your money is spent wisely in order to bring your employees the best benefit package possible. At CYB Human Resources, we take it a step further and assist you and your management team in preparing communications about employee benefits in order to fully educate without over promising.

Compensation and Performance Management

In order to keep the right personnel on staff, you need to first hire the right talent, then keep those valued employees on board as they advance in their careers. That begins with creating the right job descriptions and pay structures for each position of need. We not only ensure that descriptions are written in order to bring in the right candidates, but also so they avoid discriminatory language and other common issues. Through competitive analysis, we also educate you on the wages of specific positions in order to allow you to make realistic, competitive offers to the individuals of your choice. Our services also help you stay compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act in deciding what positions should be salaried, and what employees deserve exempt or non-exempt status.

Once employees are hired, it’s important to reward them for a job well-done. With our help, you can develop and implement reward and recognition strategies that are customized to fit your company and each of your departments. This includes bonus and compensation structures designed to keep employees working upwards and earning more.

Contact us for help creating a system that welcomes talented individuals and creates life-long employees.

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