Blacksmith Roofing: Broken Arrow’s #1 Roofing Company

Roofing Company in Broken Arrow

Blacksmith Roofing: Broken Arrow’s #1 Roofing Company

Blacksmith Roofing is a local roofing company that specializes in providing custom roofing installations and repairs in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Blacksmith Roofing is a BBB certified roofing company and they pride themselves in using high-grade certified shingles, as well as other high-quality materials, in all of their roofing projects. They are able to provide tarps free of charge when emergencies arise and offer a 50-year non-prorated warranty on all residential roof installations.

Roofing Company in Broken Arrow

Blacksmith Roofing doesn’t view the client just as customers but as family members. And when you are a family, you take care of each other. Whether it’s an emergency in a storm or a renovation project you’re ready to get started, Blacksmith Roofing is there whenever you need them. That’s why we believe Blacksmith Roofing is Broken Arrow’s #1 Roofing Company.

Blacksmith Roofing Business Reviews

Because Blacksmith Roofing has been in this business for a long time, there is a long line of satisfied customers who are sharing their positive experiences. Review after review sheds more light on the consistency, work ethic and high quality that Blacksmith Roofing provides every time. Take some time to read some of the reviews below.

Featured Reviews

“Blacksmith Roofing has simply given us the very best possible roof replacement experience. They worked within our insurance budget and provided top quality materials and service. In particular, Preston answered every question promptly and supervised the project such that everything was done as promised and on time. Clean up was thorough. Highest possible recommendation for this company. Thank you!” — Satisfied Customer

Blacksmith is an excellent choice for a roofing contractor. I always refer my clients to their team. Their ethics and values are top-notch and I never feel that my clients will receive a poor experience. Plus who doesn’t love a free inspection? They come out with experience and knowledge and deliver to you the best solution for your home. Next time you need a roof try blacksmith. — Satisfied Customer

Blacksmith roofing truly treated me like you want to be by businesses these days. Steven was straightforward and honest with all the information and gave me insight into the process of getting a new roof and what to expect. Then they had an opening sooner than planned got a hold of me and got the whole roof done in 1 day and it looks fantastic. I would highly recommend them as a first choice to anyone looking to have roof work done. — Satisfied Customer

I was selling a home and the buyers inspector said I had wind damage to the roof which I could not find. Aaron immediately came out to give me his professional opinion (turns out these guys at Blacksmith are also certified, home inspectors). He was prompt, very informative and thorough. He emailed me an official PDF inspection report within an hour of leaving! Incredible service! I would highly recommend Blacksmith Roofing & Construction. Fortunately, I did not need any major repairs however if I did I would use them for any type of work on my home just based on service alone. He was great. — Satisfied Customer

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Blacksmith Roofing & Construction is a unique kind of certified roofing company that cares a lot more about your needs and safety than making money. They want to make sure that you’re never in a bad situation without assistance when you really need it, and that’s why we believe they are Broken Arrow’s #1 Roofing Company.

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