Christine Norvell | Classical Christian Educator & Writer

Christine Norvell

Christine Norvell | Classical Christian Educator & Writer

Christine NorvellChristine Norvell

Christine Norvell is a classical Christian educator and a voracious reader. As an active published writer, she loves to inspire other educators, parents, and book lovers. Her belief is that history and literature hold timeless truths about faith, relationships, and the human experience. This belief is what backs her writing and what has inspired her teaching as she is also a literature and humanities teacher for a classical Christians High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Christine Norvell’s Work

Christine regularly writes for established classical Christian publishers, such as The Imaginative Conservative, Circe Institute, and Poiema. Click the link here, to be taken to a page with her work. Along with her work for the previous publishers, she has also released a book entitled, “Till We Have Faces: A Reading Companion.” In this book, Christine guides the reader along reading Lewis’ favorite and final piece of fiction. In the guide, she shares a summery chapter by chapter, along with commentary and a spiritual insight to the story.


Christine Norvell Speaking

Along with teaching her High School literature and humanities classes, her passion to equip and inspire other educators, parents, and book lovers, spreads from conferences to casual coffee shop book clubs. Some of the platforms on which she speaks are as follows:

  • School GroupsChristine Norvell
  • Bible Studies
  • Teacher Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Homeschool Co-ops
  • Book Clubs
  • Youth Groups


Christine Norvell’s Topics of Engagement

If you’d like to have Christine Norvell speak at any of the previous meeting types, here is a list of her topics of choice:

  • Daily Bread – A picture of God’s Bakery from Exodus 16 and Matthew 6
  • Till We Have Faces: Beauty from Ugliness
  • The Five Virtues of Classroom Discussion
  • Five ways to Practice Discussion – The Seven Laws’ Blend
  • Stewarding Your Home
  • Willa Cather and the Living Land
  • Why Study the Pagans
  • Elijah and Elisha – A Precursor to Christ
  • Teaching Tragedy in Tragic Times
  • The Narrative of Nonfiction – Teaching Sonnets and Letters
  • Inspiring Reading without Website Shortcuts


Christine Norvell Events

Coming from her passion to teach and inspire, Christine loves holding events. To see what her closest upcoming events are, click the link here.

For more information on the classical Christine Writer and educator, contact Christine Norvell here.