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Core RehabCore Rehab

Core Rehab is a Tulsa, Oklahoma, Chiropractic clinic that’s bringing in a ground-breaking kind of injury rehabilitation therapy. They specialize in auto injuries and other personal physical rehabilitation. What’s unique about Core Rehab is that they bring more than just the traditional medical approach to therapy. The rather combine multidisciplinary paths of healing, utilizing MDs, Chiropractors and physical therapists, to give each patient personalized care.


Where was Core Rehab Founded

Core Rehab was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2012, as a family owned and operated cooperative. Today, Core Rehab is still family owned and operated, but with 12 locations serving the Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada and Tulsa/Northeaster Oklahoma Areas. With Tulsa locations in Southern Hills, South Tulsa, Broken Arrow and on Memorial, they are becoming the go to clinic for physical therapy.


Core Rehab’s Specialty

Most doctors simply won’t treat patients involved in accidents for two main reasons, they have trouble billing for their services through a third-party non-health institute, or tan attorney is being used that they don’t want to be involved with. Core Rehab will not be one of those clinics. Instead, they fill that need, and even specialize in it.

Core Rehab’s focus is on outpatient rehab, helping patients through the entire process. Whether the patient needs help finding the right lawyer, or would like counsel, this is what Core Rehab is built to do, and they have an expert, skilled support team that will help out their patient every step of the way. From auto accidents to the casual slip and falls, Core Rehab makes sure their patients are set up to get their proper medication and adaptive specific exercise treatment plan for their recovery.


Core Rehab’s Cost

The cost behind Core Rehab’s treatment is based on their belief that when you are hurt, and it’s not your fault, you should not have to pay anything to get it fixed. Core Rehab bills the third party insurance for all the costs, or takes liens from attorneys, and gets paid when your case is settled. Even if that means they wait two years, they believe in People Care, not Patient Care.


Core Rehab’s ExperienceCore Rehab

Core Rehab sees thousands of auto aciident patients every year and they treat the injuries associated with them. Their doctors specialize in treating a multitude of injuries, giving their patients the comfort of knowing they will be well cared for. Core Rehab’s experienced team of doctors, chiropractors and therapists will give every patient the best possible care with same day appointment. And after a thorough exam, they will make sure you have the proper medical care plan, specifically tailored to your injury.


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