Who Has the Best Dermatologist in Macon, GA?

Skin Care Physicians of Georgia is the Best Dermatologist in Macon, GA.

Skin Care Physicians is a dermatologist in Macon, GA providing a wide range of skincare solutions. Their team of doctors is formally trained in the procedures they provide. They also know how to properly recognize and diagnose numerous skin conditions, and can advise you on the best course of action to take to receive treatment.

Visiting the dermatologist can be a nerve-wracking experience. You will have to receive a full-body examination, which most people find awkward. At Skin Care Physicians of Georgia, the staff is dedicated to helping you have a comfortable dermatologist visit. The doctors are patient and compassionate when it comes to seeing to your skincare needs.

Skin Care Physicians of Georgia’s Business Reviews

Clients have great things to say about Skin Care Physicians of Georgia! One reoccuring theme mentioned throughout reviews left by clients is how personable and helpful the staff is. The doctors are professional and knowledgeable and the nurses are kind and efficient. Keep reading to see what people are saying about the Skin Care Physicians of Georgia!

Featured Business Reviews

Dr. Cohen has been my dermatologist since he arrived in Macon. He has a super personality and is always upbeat. He is extremely knowledgeable regarding issues with the skin and how the various systems work together in the body. He is always very attentive to my concerns and is “spot on” with his diagnosis and conclusions. He also has two awesome nurses, Nikki and Melissa. They always greet me by my name and are super-efficient. Any time that I have to call the office these nurses are kind, considerate, and extremely helpful. I have never had a bad experience with Dr. Cohen and his staff and highly recommend them if in need of a super-duper dermatologist!” – T. Smith (Google Business Review)

I was visiting the office to do work for them when one of the PA’s noticed a red blemish on my neck. He said for me to get it checked ASAP. I asked him if he could do it now and he did. it turned out to be minor skin cancer. They scheduled me to come back to see Dr. Kent and have it removed using MOHS which I did and he removed it and it is now a year later and I have not had any issues and the location where they cut it out you cannot even see the scar. I highly recommend them they are by far the best anywhere in the USA.” – D. Boyce (Google Business Review)

Dr. Brown and her staff have earned my highest recommendation for their services. She is simply the best dermatologist in this area. She discovered lymphoma in a skin nodule. Due to her efforts, I received the best treatment and have been cancer-free for two years. Dr. Brown takes care of my whole family’s dermatology needs. If you are looking for the best dermatologist, get an appointment with Dr. Brown.” – L. Todd (Google Business Review)

The team at Skin Care Physicians is experienced in diagnosing and treating many different types of skin conditions. The reviews speak for themselves; Skin Care Physicians provides a trustworthy experience for many different people dealing with many different skin conditions. To read more about what people are saying, click here.

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Skin Care Physicians of Georgia

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Ideally, you should visit a dermatologist at least once a year to have your skin examined for any skin conditions. If you are in the Macon, Georgia area and need to schedule a dermatologist appointment, contact Skin Care Physicians of Georgia today!

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