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EDUmarking USA | Playground Activity Designs

EDUmarking USAEDUmarking USA

EDUmarking USA create one of a kind, unique playground activity designs for schools, churches, daycares, and parks. The believe that a playground is full of limitless potential, where countless memories are made each and every day. Kids minds will transform these spaces into entirely new world, filled with creativity and imagination. All that the kids need is a unique, bright, colorful and durable playground to make their dreams come true. This is why EDUmarking USA does what they do.


EDUmarking USA Designs

Just as the kids, EDUmarking also sees the limitless potential of playground, and because of that, they think there is always a better way of doing things. To them, and kids, a playground is much more than just games and courts on a blacktop. Instead, they look at it as a way to create more confident kids through play and interaction. As a result, they have created an interactive and durable playground surface that lasts and created engaging learning opportunities for children and teachers.

EDUmarkign USA designs their playground as learning experieces to promote higher preforming kids through the following:

  • Inspiring educational fun by taking the classroom outside by means of maps and number tables. So kids can learn while at play.
  • Advocating physical fitness with tennis, basketball, net ball and more.
  • Drive creativity by designs to inspire kids to make up their own games and rules using their imagination.
  • Teaching teamwork by allowing kids to collaborate with one another in their games.
  • Develop social skills in playground interactions between kids by helping them learn valuable interpersonal skills they’ll need throughout life.


How EDUmarking USA Works

EDUmarking’s surface is non-slip and entirely chemical free, which creates a safe play area for the kids. They use bright, vibrant colors made from thermoplastic which revitalizes any plain or old blacktop. The designs are manufactured at their facility and then installed on the clients play area through a special heat application that goes by very fast. The steps are as follows:EDUmarking USA

  • Apply a primer to the surface
  • Place the design
  • Use heat to adhere the design to the playground
  • Apply a UV sealant to maintain the design’s vibrant color
  • Apply our proprietary, non-slip surface so kids can play safely

This process locks in the custom designed playgrounds under a protective surface that seals it from all elements of nature and kid. If a client is not satisfied with the design, they come back and solve any issue.


EDUmarking USA Playground Packages

EDUmarking offers two packages with special pricing options so anyone can easily get started on revitalizing that playground surface. The following link takes you to their page with the packages.

For more information on the go to company for safe, bright, and unique playground markings, contact EDUmarking USA here.