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Gary Crews Law | Tulsa Probate Lawyer

Gary Crews LawGary Crews Law

Gary Crews Law has earned both the highest possible rating in legal and ethical standards by the approach and experience his firm puts forth. As a  Tulsa Probate Lawyer, Estate Planning, Corporate and Business, Oil and Gas, and Personal Injury Lawyer, Gary Crews has become one of the top Tulsa Probate attorneys in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Gary is closing in on his 30th year of admittance in the Oklahoma Bar Association as he was first admitted in 1990. His experience in probate and estate planning allows him to provide all his clients with the tools they need to establish a solid estate plan or navigate through the complicated probate process, not to mention all of his other specialty law knowledge.


Gary Crews’ Ethics

The ethics that Gary’s practice is built on are dedication, responsiveness, communication, and loyalty. All of which has all led to his growth and experience in his specialized law field. These ethical standards have enhanced the firm’s ability to solve problems, which have permitted them to assemble the most appropriate resolution, all while anticipating possible upcoming issues. Due to the firm’s diversity, complex transactions are resolved with discerning insight and managed with maximum economy. Their goal is to build relationships with their clients and to keep them and grown their cliental through those relations.


Gary Crews Law Services

With having all the experience that Gary Crews comes with, and the diversity built in the firm, his law firm helps people with a variety of different law specialties. And those specialties go as follows:

  • Probate: a comprehensive process by which an individual arranges the transfer of assets after their death.
  • Estate Planning: protects your financial and physical assets, as well as your family during their time of grief and loss.
  • Business Law: protects your business or corporation in cases of lawsuits filed againstGary Crews Law you, or in your favor.
  • Oil and Gas Law: helps and protects in ownership rights in oil and gas, both under the soil before discovery and after its capture, and adjudication regarding those rights.
  • Personal Injury: protects you in the case of filling a lawsuit or having one filed against you in the case of an inflicted injury.
  • Elder Law: protects and assists in issues faced by senior-citizens, such as age-related health concerns, Dementia, Estate Planning, Wills, Trust, Power of Attorney, Living Wills, or Elder Abuse.


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