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Industrial Solutions is a lean consulting company based in Oklahoma that has been in service since 1997. They are all about lean thinking, lean consulting, and management training. They have served a variety of company types across the country, including transactional, contracting, municipalities, service, distribution and manufacturing.


Industrial Solutions Lean Thinking

One may be asking themselves, “what is lean thinking?” Lean thinking is a business operating system that maximizes customer value, while minimizing waste: defined as anything that does not add value for the customer. The ultimate goal of Industrial Solutions is to provide perfect value to the customers of their clients, through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste. Lean thinking seeks this goal through elimination of waste along the entire process, not just at certain points.


Industrial Solutions Service

Whatever level of lean consulting that a company needs, Industrial Solutions can help. It’s all about using a broken down process of training, facilitation, and consulting and development counseling. No matter the level a company wants to reach, Industrial Solutions will get them there. Even if it takes a fill business transformation, Industrial Solutions have the resources and expertise to make that happen.

It is all based off of a four step process. Those steps being the following:

  • Training: using specially designed and customized training material will alter a company’s process and make it more streamlined for their customers.
  • Implementation: after using the training material, it is the clients job to put it into action.
  • Development: this is the step that after the workers start applying their training, they are tested to see how they handle rea-life scenarios.
  • Consulting: this is the last step as after a new plan has been put in place, used, and tested, it will need to be tweaked to fit perfectly.


Industrial Solutions Experience

Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solutions has trained over 25,000 people in 600 unique companies to better their customers experience. In 2003, Industrial Solutions established the Lean Implementer Certification program that provides companies with the long term training and vision hey need for sustained success. Shortly after, they added Measurable Management to compliment the lean skills with management training. Their history and experience has uniquely equipped them to bring lean thinking into any company of any size and industry.


For more information on the lean thinking and consulting experts, contact Industrial Solutions here.