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Relay Creativerelay creative

Relay Creative is a design company built around a straightforward approach to get you The results you need in a timely fashion. Focusing on design, marketing, interactive spaces, and video, Relay Creative is great for any business of any size.


Behind Relay Creative

Relay Creative is built by creative engineers who specialize in branding, graphic design, web design, video, and marketing services for nonprofit organizations and small to medium businesses in a variety of industries. Whether you need a branding package or simple assistance in producing a product, their team is committed to sticking by your side to help you start smart and finish strong every time. Relay Creative is backed by more than 25 years of experience with their master designers on staff who collaborate with their creative director and each client to develop strategic plans for each project.


Relay Creative Design Process

The process behind Relay Creative is specialized in a research-based creative design. They are devoted to creatively developing a unique resources for their clients to use in marketing campaigns, promotions and education. They work directly with marketing directors, human resource managers, business owners, CEOs and leaders of faith based nonprofit organizations to determine The most impactful strategy for each project they are presented.


Relay Creative Design

In addition to branding, relays team of graphic designers specialize in the design of print and digital publications such as newsletters, magazines, catalogs, and quarterly and annual reports.


Relay Creative Marketing

They offer identity discovery assistance in determining or refining their clients market targets. Providing web presence packages includes improving search engine optimization’s, ad words, and analysis in management. Key part to any marketing strategy is developing social media plans for their clients who simply need a jumpstart or others who want to carry the whole plan.


Relay Creative Interactiverelay creative

Relay Creative designs and develops the website, landing pages and directories. In addition, they create Digital publications such as monthly newsletters, quarterly reports, annual report and online magazines. When it comes to digital advertisements, they create infographics end user interface designs.


Relay Creative Video

Relay Creative develops a variety of video products. Specializing in creating a video learning management systems for safety and procedures for new employees or maintaining in-house educational programs or a primary video creation service really creative offers. Their team has experienced work for new employees or maintaining in-house educational programs or a primary video creation service really creative offers. Their team has experience working with universities and specialty schools in production of online learning modules. They also enjoy creating business profile videos, company culture videos, sales, lobby and promotional videos.


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