Tulsa’s Top Trauma Counselor Alina Garbuz

tulsa trauma counseling

Tulsa’s Top Trauma Counselor Alina Garbuz

Tulsa Trauma Counseling | Alina Garbuz

Alina Garbuz, MA is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC 5861), Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), and a Trained EMDR Therapist in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

What is Tulsa Trauma Counseling?

Tulsa Trauma counseling is a specialized field of counseling which assists people in addressing, coming to terms with, and making progress from a traumatic incident. Tulsa Trauma counselors are usually involved if someone is stressed physically, emotionally or psychologically after such a traumatic event. These specifically trained specialists, with a mental health education, can assist others who are struggling in reaction to a shocking event.

A traumatic incident may be any stressful event that an individual has trouble handling after it happens. Instances of such a traumatic event could include active service military in war zones, having underwent abuse or being the casualty of a violent crime as well as events such as a loss of a friend or close relative.

Tulsa Trauma Counseling

What Does a Tulsa Trauma Counselor Do?

Tulsa Trauma counselors develop ways to cope with resulting emotions in processing traumatic events that their patients have suffered. A person’s response to trauma can be multifaceted and differs greatly from individual to individual. It can often be hard without professional help to deal with the emotional overload that may result from going through trauma. Tulsa trauma counseling and counselor can play an important role in aiding someone get past the trauma and the symptoms they may still experience.

Since there is not a one size fits all sort of Tulsa trauma therapy, counselors assess their client’s needs, traumatic experiences and disposition to conclude the precise therapeutic method.  Even though it can vary, trauma counselors frequently work with patients over numerous months or longer. Each treatment plan can be very different. Nevertheless there can be comparable approaches and techniques used.

An instance of a treatment technique used by Tulsa trauma counseling could be eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). The purpose of EMDR is to assist a person change the sounds, images, and feelings that are recalled when they ponder the traumatic event.


Trauma counselors likewise might also use cognitive behavior therapy to assist a patient in dealing with destructive emotions. Therapists using cognitive behavior therapy help their patient’s change how they think about their trauma and its outcome. Trauma therapists using this type of therapy work with patients to exchange negative thoughts with more positive and less distressing thoughts.


Trauma counselors could likewise be called upon in cases such as natural disasters to help communities begin to recover. Without becoming too emotionally involved or invested in their cases, they have to be experienced people to provide effective and empathetic help. The role is mainly vital because the repercussions of trauma can go on indeterminately if not dealt with and may progress to seriously impact someone’s life. Trauma counseling offers an outlet where individuals can talk over their experiences and develop plans for dealing with the ongoing problems they face as a result.


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